What should you know about watching walking deadseries online for free?

The Walking Dead is amongst the biggest and the most prominent television series of the past decade. The longevity of the show is a testament to the success and popularity of the show. The series has completed 10 seasons and there is an 11th season coming which will be the final season of the show before it wraps up. The production house has announced three films following the Rick story after the departure of Lincoln.

The Walking Dead Season 10 storyline

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So let us now have a look at the storyline of the 10th season. The group of Ocean side continue to train just in case if the Whisperers return. The tensions are at an all time high as they struggle with the civilization concept and how to hold on to it. The originations of the Alpha and Beta are also revealed in the form of flashbacks. Alpha makes an attempt to assist Lydia for the journey with the dead. The whisperers then create the herds. Alexandria feels extreme paranoia as threat from whisperers looms large. Carol desperately wants revenge and struggles with that emotion.

There is a safety issue which catches the whole group off guard at the Hilltop. The supplies go missing and Negan gets idolized by Alexandrian. Carol makes a team with Daryl as they go on the mission together. Daryl develops insecurities when Carol goes beyond his boundaries. The Alexandrians go out on a high stake mission whereas the sheriff deputy gets shot in the combat which leads to the a wakening of the zombie apocalypse. The deputy sheriff, Rick Grimes then meets a group near Atlanta and becomes the leader. The walker, who feed on the living, move towards safer and different locations to survive.

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